Sulli Hot Brine

Sulli Hot Brine is a Sullivan Corporation exclusive product. There are multiple features and benefits to its usage.

Features and Benefits of Sulli Hot Brine

  • Reduce Housekeeping Costs - Sulli Hot brine causes less tracking than granular products
  • Reapplication Lessened - Calcium Chloride in Sulli Hot Brine prevents refreezing, reducing the amount of product wasted on reapplication
  • Prevents Landscape and Lawn Damage - Less tracking into lawn areas, reduces costly lawn renovations in spring from sodium damage
  • Fast acting - Liquid formulation works on contact

Facts About Sulli Hot Brine

  • Sulli Hot Brine readily adheres to the roadway better than with dry materials
  • Prewetting materials begin dissolving snowpack and ice faster than dry materials
  • The quantity of materials can be reduced when prewetting, since fewer materials leave the roadway during spreading
  • Corrosion of equipment is minimized by spraying liquid brine with salt and the spinner
  • Operations report quicker melting with the pre-wetting process, which means better service to the traveling public

Sulli Hot Brine's benefits make it the clear choice for ice and snow management. Contact us today to learn how Sulli Hot Brine can meet your snow and ice control needs.