Plus 5 Athletic Field Marker

Plus 5 Athletic Field Marker is America’s leading field marker and complies with the "Safe Use" requirements of the Consumer Safety Act, Public Law 92-573. It also complies with the NCAA and NFSHA rules for athletic marking materials. Plus 5 Athletic Field Marker is a superior quality, dry, ground white marble marking material designed for use on all types of athletic fields. It flows freely from any type of applicator without caking and clogging. The result is a highly visible, sharply defined, brilliant white line—the brightest white line on the market.

Plus 5 Athletic Field Marker is the preferred choice of coaches and groundskeepers because it is economical, easy to apply, good for the turf, and is harmless to skin and clothing.

Sullivan Corporation carries this high quality field marker in 50lb bags (56 bags / pallet). Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of Plus 5 Athletic Field Marker.